What’s a typical Travel Pool Itinerary look like?


Typically, our travel itineraries are three to seven nights in paradise. We do have a structured itinerary of activities planned for you, but you are not required to attend. You can do your own thing, but we would love to see you and connect with you!



Day 1

Evening Social Event (6pm - 9pm)


Day 2

Afternoon Event (1pm – 4pm)

Evening Event (9pm – Until)


Day 3

Morning Social Event (11am1pm)


Evening Event (9pm – Until)



What is your refund /cancellations policy?


The first payment made to The Travel Pool for your itinerary is considered your deposit for your trip. There are no refund or exchange options after the deposit is made for your specific itinerary. We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance if you have concerns on whether your availability to attend may be in question. If you have any questions or concerns contact us at TheTravelPool@gmail.com.



Do I have options for sleep arrangements?


For most itineraries, yes you do! However, if you choose to have a room to yourself, the pricing for your trip will change to accommodate your request. You do have options to room with someone you know or with someone you don’t if you choose to through our question forms for each trip.



Do I have to attend all of the events on the itinerary?


You do not have to attend all the events. You have the option to do your own thing and explore on your own. However, it is strongly recommended that you do as you will have the ability to meet and network with some amazing people. 



Do I have to pay for all of the events included in the itinerary?



Our itineraries are inclusive of most needs that you will have during your experiences like a dedicated photographer, drink vouchers, and other perks, this is why we have one price for our trips. However, some itineraries will give you the option to choose which events you’d like to attend with the lodging accommodation being the mandatory option.



How does the payment system work?


We’re glad you asked. Each travel itinerary has a starting price with the minimum number of people required to activate that itinerary. If more than the minimum number of people join the pool, the pricing of the itinerary will decrease as this will allow us to secure better group pricing for that specific itinerary. You will continue to be billed by us until the last payment is made on the trip based on the initial pricing you signed up for. Before the start of your itinerary, the final price for the trip will be solidified and you will receive a refund on the difference, if any, of your start price versus the final price.


Why would I join a pool sooner if I can get a better price

closer to the start of the trip?


Great question, joining the pool at a later day if perfectly fine, however, there may be additional fees associated with purchasing your ticket closer to the start date of the trip. Also, there are cut-off deadlines to join certain itineraries so be aware and check out the details of our trip very carefully.




We give you time to make payments on some of our travel itineraries because we understand that you have other stuff to pay for and our goal is to make this as stress-free as possible.  We have an easy payment system that allows you to split the cost of the trip into smaller payments. The cool part is that as more people join the pool, the cost of the trip will decrease and you will get a refund of the difference before the start date of your trip. Use that money for your vacation or just pocket it.


Example: TRIP Cost $1000 w/ x number of people in Pool Currently = Payment 1 $250, Payment 2 $250, Payment 3 $250, Payment 4 $250

Example: TRIP Cost $750 w/ 3 x (x number of people in Pool before trip start date) = $250 Refund back to Customer