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let the JOURNEY begin...

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Browse through our most popular events coming up. These events offer the best prices and guarantee a great time - water included at no extra cost. Connect with others who have joined and create long-lasting friendships. No need to go alone, bring a friend, we got you!
The only and best way to connect and travel with people just like you from all over the country!
Las Vegas

Coming soon, stay tuned...

Previously on the travel pool...

What's the travel Pool?

How does it work and how do I sign up?

Hey! The Travel Pool is a travel company that helps to bring people together and to have a great time without spending too much money or worrying about going alone.

Easy! Find a destination you'd like to go to on our Discover Pools and join the chat. If you're feeling the vibes reserve your spot and get ready to turn-up.

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Hi! What is The Travel Pool?

Let the turn-up begin!